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That’s why LUTs are used by both beginners and experts. All our Looks are super easy to use and work with all major editing applications.

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  • 15 Profesional color grading presets 
  • Instant download
  • Compatible .cube files + Instruction
GoPro Luts

GoPro Lut Pack

Bring your Adventures to live!

Aerial shots and fast-paced events are always difficult for a photographer to capture. Recording every nuance of action so that it is presented before audiences in the purest form is never easy. For this purpose, most photographers and videographers turn to their savior- the GoPro. 

Luts for Action Cams

While GoPro cameras can help even beginners record professional-quality videos, some edits might be needed in this case, as well. Here, video editors use special GoPro LUTs to highlight the best features in their footage. 

Lut Pack for GoPro

Upgrade your Videos

Take Your Travel Memories to the Next Level

What are LUTs

Imagine a machine where you insert a white napkin, and it gives you a green one in return. Look up Tables are something similar. They contain codes for any input color your image has and transform that color to a different one instantly. 

Enhance Your Travel Memories

GoPro is undoubtedly the best camera for recording action videos with precision. However, some enthusiasts are not content with the default GoPro quality and want to adjust the clips further. For such people, post-processing using GoPro LUTs is an excellent option. 

For those who are fond of recording their traveling endeavors, an adjustment with GoPro LUTs will help make their videos breathtaking and bright. The Canons and the Nikons are known to be the best cameras for recording travel videos. You can get that same quality with some useful GoPro LUTs, too. 

Underwater Luts

Perfect Underwater Clips


Best for Underwater Clips

We've already discussed the role of GoPro in recording unique action footage. Watching underwater clips and surfing videos made with GoPro always enthralls the viewer. When editors work on these thrilling shots and use their GoPro LUTs on them, the color grading becomes perfect. GoPro LUTs make the footage vibrant and create an ideal mood for underwater clips. 

Ideal for FPV Footage

We've all seen breathtaking aerial shots in our favorite travel vloggers videos. They use special racing drones called FPV drones to record them. FPV drones fitted with GoPro cameras are employed to record visuals for music videos, commercials, movies, etc. 

GoPro cameras are perfect for recording these videos as they capture high-quality footage and have in-built stabilization, too. When professional video editors use their creative LUTs on this footage, they obtain the cinematic look instantly. Thus, if you want to do FPV shooting, use some GoPro LUTs while editing to bring out the best from your shots. 

Works with Every Editing Software

Young editors can easily find GoPro LUTs online. Most of these are in formats like .CUBE is compatible with almost all popular video editing softwares. Thus, if you have GoPro footage, don't think twice about using some great LUTs on it. You will see the remarkable influence that these LUTs will have on your footage. 

POV Action Cam Color Filters


And Make Them Come to Live!

What is Protune

The GoPro camera has additional modes that help the photographer gain better control over photo and video settings. GoPro Protune is one such extra settings feature that allows the photographer to operate the camera in manual mode. 

In regular DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, the photographer can adjust parameters manually before taking a shot. When photographers switch-on the Protune feature in their GoPro camera, they get access to this manual control method.  The Protune feature is disabled in GoPro cameras by default. 

Since Protune is turned off by default and has to be accessed through the touch menu, many new GoPro users remain unaware of this feature. However, it is a useful model to adjust ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc. 

When Should You Use Protune?

GoPro cameras have an uncanny ability to capture high-speed shots with great precision. Therefore, in most cases, you might not require the Protune feature. However, if you can use Protune amidst such high-speed action, it can work wonders for you. If you are looking for enhanced video quality in your GoPro recordings, using the Protune feature is a must. 

Before turning on the Protune feature in your GoPro camera, you should know that you'll have to spend a lot of time on post-processing after using this feature. If you are willing to spend time editing your videos, go ahead and use Protune. 

During editing, you can use special GoPro LUTs, which will make your job easier. Using GoPro LUTs with Protune will have a significant impact on improving the quality of your footage. 

Gopro Videographer Equipment

Protune Settings

Using the GoPro Protune feature, you can alter several camera settings. If you have your GoPro alongside, you can check these settings while we describe each of them below. 

Shutter Speed

The time for which the shutter of a camera remains open is called its shutter speed. When the shutter remains open, it allows light to enter through the camera. Light is received by the sensors, which then transmit it for processing and production of the image. 

If you intend to click pictures with your GoPro, the Protune feature allows you to juggle between fast and slow shutter speeds. You can use a fast shutter speed when clicking pictures of high-speed action in well-lit outdoor conditions. 

Moreover, if you want to click pictures in a backdrop like the night sky, for instance, you can switch to slower shutter speeds. 

The Protune feature also allows you to alter shutter speeds for video recording. Here, the shutter speed is a multiple of the Frame Rate (FPS). It means that if you shoot at 60 FPS, you get to choose shutter speeds like 1/120, which are multiples of 60.

EV Comp

The EV Comp setting or the exposure compensation decides the brightness in the final image. The exposure compensation settings in the Protune mode ranges from -2 to +2. If you wish to record videos or capture photos with more brightness, you should raise the exposure compensation towards the positive value. Conversely, if you need less brightness, you should go from -0.5 to - 2. The ideal exposure is at the 0 mark. 

White Balance

White Balance setting in the Protune mode helps remove unwanted casts. Moreover, it aims to present any white-colored object in its innate white color and preserve all other colors in the frame similarly. The white balance is described in temperature units (Kelvin), and in the Protune mode, it ranges between 2300K to 6500K. 


The light sensitivity of GoPro sensors can be adjusted using the ISO settings. The ISO parameters in Protune mode ranges from 100 to 6400. In bright conditions, the ISO values should be kept minimum. Moreover, you should progress to higher ISO values in low-light conditions while simultaneously taking care of the exposure compensation. 


The high, medium, and low buttons on GoPro will help you adjust the image clarity. You can change  the contrast and focus under the sharpness settings of Protune. 

Color Settings

The color settings in Protune are simple to understand. You get to choose between two options. One is the GoPro color that automatically enhances the color profile of any image as soon as you click it. The other option is a flat color setting where you get a neutral color profile on which editing can be performed easily. 

Other GoPro Settings

Other settings include raw audio settings and microphone settings. These are essential to adjust audio quality while you are recording a video. The reset settings are also available in Protune mode. 

Protune to Rec 709 Convertion LUTs

Conversion LUTs are used to convert any footage to a standard profile. Using the Protune to Rec 709 Conversion LUTs, you get to change your Protune footage to the Rec 709 standard color space. 

Protune to Rec 709 Conversion LUTs are important for getting a base for your editing activities, which are crucial if you record in the Protune mode.